Dancing with your money demons

Photo: unsplash.com

My relationship to money has always been a complex one. The past few months I’ve started to work on changing my relationship with money. It takes time and is not an easy process. I realised you can’t change your relationship with money without changing your beliefs about money. In order to change your limiting beliefs about money you need to be prepared to dig deep and do the inner work. You have to start facing your demons, your fears about money.

I would like to share with you what I’ve learned so far on the journey:

Barbara Stanny shared in an interview, Sacred Success, with Chantel Pierrad that there are three types of work when it comes to your finance:

  1. Outer work – This work is about meeting with a financial advisor and drawing up a financial plan, putting the necessary insurance or risk cover in place, etc. that will fit your needs and support your goals.
  2. Inner work – Reflecting and reviewing your attitudes / beliefs about money as well as the decisions you make about money.
  3. Higher work – We are all on earth for a purpose. Money is a great tool to assist you in making the change. When you make more money it can assist you in creating bigger change. Reflect on how money can support your vision and calling.

Unpacking my finances from the three different levels opened new ways for me to think about money.

During my ‘outer work’ journey I had a very interesting conversation with my financial advisor. He asked me whether I wanted to retire or if I wanted to be financially independent? Wow! That question made me face a limiting belief I had about money. I realised that my view of looking and thinking about investment and retirement are very narrow. I learned that ‘the concept of “financial independence” should not be connected to retirement.’ Talking with him and reading his article about paving the way to financial independence made me realise that I needed to make a mind-shift about money and investment. I also became aware of the importance of having a person you trust to support you with that mind-shift.

My ‘inner work’ quest led me to another pod cast of Chantel Pierrad from Emerging Women. This time she talked with Nancy Levin about how to boost your self worth to grow your net worth. What stood out for me was that money issues are directly related to self-worth. That we need to stop putting our worthiness in the hands of others or measure it by the amount of money we have. Self-worth start inwards. It starts with self-love. To grow your self-worth you need to start doing what you are scared to do and face your demons.

Learning: When you start to face your demons, that what you fear, it can no longer control you. You experience more energy, you stop giving away your power and you start to grow more into your true self (your calling).

 Healing question: How are you trying to prove your worth?