Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

To become is to surrender into the flow of life. When you become, life draws to you what you always yearned for.

It is not about first getting what you want and then becoming. You first need to go through the transition phase. You have to allow yourself to experience the discomfort of the birthing canal as the transition spaces touches you. You need to start trusting that your inner knowing will guide you through the dark and risk surrendering into the invisible hands that are waiting (and have always waited) to hold you on the other side.

To become is to be with the messiness in the seasonality of life. When you give yourself permission to do that and stay with the process, the light on the other side surprise you. You open your eyes and you see, as if for the first time, the arrival of you in this body. You realise that you gave birth to a cyclical process of renewal of which each renewal is a shedding of a previous becoming.

Life is the container for growth. Like the seasonality of nature your becoming is seasonal. Your deep yearnings the remembrance of previously shed inner callings.

10 Reasons for coaching


Last week I was filled with deep gratitude when I completed my Professional Coach Training and certified as an Integral Coach. It has been an amazing two-year journey of learning and re-discovering. Looking back I know that it was the best investment I could have made in/for myself. I was reminded again (as I often am with coaching clients) of the value of making time for personal development.

The past week I reflected on the following question:

Why do we enrol in personal development workshops or coaching processes?

One of the main reasons is to learn new skills. So, why do we need more skills?

Below is a list of ten reasons that came to mind.

We develop new skills to build our capacity to:

  • stay in the discomfort instead of running away from it.
  • meet the challenges that life gives us and turn it into opportunities for growth.
  • have the courage to step into the uncertainty even though we are afraid.
  • lean more into who we are and have been all along.
  • trust and love ourselves more.
  • change in order for new possibilities to unfold.
  • serve others in a compassionate way
  • deepen our relationships with others (at home and at work).
  • connect in a meaningful way with life.
  • not escape life but to learn how to engage with life.

Learning: We develop skills not to escape life but to learn how to engage with life.

Healing question: How can I embody the skills I learn in order to connect in a more meaningful way with others and life?