Create space for life to surprise you in 2020

Gorilla naming ceremony site in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

The past few months I learned that the real work is not about trying to control life or creating a “perfect” plan or clear vision for your future. The real work is about apprenticing yourself to create spaces for life to surprise you. Whatever shape or form the space needs to take on in order for you to be able to tune into your inner wisdom and deeper undercurrents of life that is always there to support you. Practically speaking it may mean that you create an external environment where your soul can rest and then to commit to a practice such as meditating or creative exercises to cultivate the silent space within.

Tending to the space is not passive, it requires energy, focus and a daily commitment to be present to life. It asks of us to face our fears and the avoidance behaviour around it. As well as to be accountable, take responsibility for our decisions and to stop projecting our insecurities onto others. As James Hollis said “ When we show up as best we can, then on any given day, we are a grown-up and contribute to carrying the world’s burden, rather than adding to it.”

Creating a space for life to surprise you means to grow up and out of the tendency to want to control life from the fear of not being good enough. In doing that you start to trust that whatever life may throw at you, you will be able to meet amidst your brokenness. Because you know that life is not about striving for the illusion of perfection but about the mystery of love. You realise that your fear-based plan is too small for you and that only when you surrender to love will you step into the bigger contribution that life is eagerly waiting for you to make.

Life is full of surprises (some life-giving and others courageously challenging) – the question is -are you paying attention? How can you create space in 2020 to allow life to surprise you?

What inspires you?

Photo by Andrew Branch on Unsplash

We only have one life to live. What inspires you to make the most of it and live it to the fullest?

To be inspired is a key factor in creating or doing something new. Whether you are creating a piece of art or want to be a better person we all need inspiration. The source of inspiration may differ per person.

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines

  • inspiration as: the process that takes place when somebody sees or hears something that causes them to have exciting new ideas or makes them want to create something.
  • inspire as: to give somebody the desire, confidence or enthusiasm to do something well.

Life is full of inspiration. Numerous things in life inspire me of which some are:

  • Nature, beautiful spaces, landscapes, animals…
  • The arts, music, poetry, films, language, books…
  • People that show commitment and against all the odds achieve their goal whilst remaining true to who they are.
  • People that are passionate and believe in their dreams.

I draw from different sources depending on the type of inspiration I seek. The following poem by Mary Oliver inspired me to write this blog. I hope that it will inspire you today:

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life

I was a bride married to amazement.

I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.


When it’s over, I don’t want to wonder

If I have made of my life something particular, and real,

I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened,

or full of argument.


I don’t want to end up simply having visited the world.


Healing question: What inspires me? How can I be an inspiration to others?

Learning: When we open ourselves to be inspired by life our life can inspire others to do the same.