When days become dark

photo: unsplash.com

We’ve all experienced dark days or periods in our personal lives and with our businesses. Reflecting back on those moments in my own life I realise how valuable they were. All of them accompanied profound insights and personal growth. I’m extremely grateful for them as they turned into soulful moments. It inspired me to write the following poem.

When a grey cloud moves over the sun.

When the lights are dimmed,

and it feels as if you can’t see ahead of you.

That is when the soul wakes up.


When a heaviness drapes around your body.

When slowness enters your step,

and you sense a tucking downwards.

That is when the soul starts to deepen.


When stillness surrounds your heart.

When you feel a dark emptiness,

and you experience a distancing from the world.

That is when your uniqueness emerges.


Be wary to allow ‘fear of failure’ to rope you up.

Sit in the space of uncomfortable unknowing a little longer.

Pause and take another deep breath.

Allow it to softly touch your soul.


Waking up the wonderful wisdom of your true self.

Opening up the space of acceptance within.

Breathing in the lightness of love.

Allow it to lift you into simple being.


When days become dark.

When you feel not enough,

and want to switch on the light to break the darkness.

That is the time to sit still and listen to the soul.


Learning: Dark moments can turn into soulful moments if we open ourselves for growth.

 Healing question: How can I stay with the uncomfortable unknowing a little longer?