Inner Current


The sea has a powerful current

let it move you

let it stir parts of your soul that you have forgotten.


Allow it to come to the surface

and surprise you.


You are so much more than you think.

Stop thinking,

stop limiting yourself.


Let the inner current lead you

to the place you know

the place that you call home.


Celebrating Diversity


The past month I was privileged to travel to different places in South Africa for work. What was significant to me was the diversity I experienced. Every place had a different landscape, energy and feel to it. The food, people, cultures and ways of living differed.

In one of the workshops that I facilitated, we counted that between the group of twelve we spoke 11 different languages. For none of us English was our first language. The variety of accents contributed to the richness of the conversations we had. It reminded me of Nancy Klein’s component of the ‘Thinking Environment’. She states that diversity adds quality because of the differences between us. I could not agree more.

I realised that we don’t always celebrate diversity. We don’t invite it enough into our lives. Sometimes I find myself in places where it feels as if everyone had gone through the same cookie presser. Everyone dresses the same and talks about the same things. If one looks at David Rock’s SCARF model one can understand why it is like this. People tend to like people that are like them. That is the way the brain is wired. We feel more comfortable when we can relate to people.

Yet, in reflecting over this past month I’ve learned more in the uncomfortable moments than the comfortable ones. The situations when I was challenged to leave my preconceived ideas and open myself to the amazing diversity of our country. I would like to challenge you and encourage you, even if it is only slightly, to step out of the comfort zone and experience the gift of diversity.

Learning: Diversity contributes to the richness of life.

Healing question: How am I celebrating and inviting diversity into my life?

Life is chaos and order


What a relief when I read the words ‘ life compress chaos and orderliness together’ in the book The way of the wizard by Deepak Chopra. I like to think of myself as someone that easily goes with the flow but if I’m really honest, I can be a bit of a control freak. I like it when things are going according to the plan and everything is in order. But life is not always like that. At times life is uncertain, messy and even a bit chaotic. Flights get delayed; thunderstorms damage internet routers; meetings get cancelled, we get sick, etc. Life can throw all our plans upside down.

The problem is that all the plans we make and the rules we set in order to make things perfect only create a false sense of control. When it does not work out ‘according to the plan’, we get stressed and struggle with the “whys” in life. Why don’t things work out for me? Why is life so hard? Why do I struggle so much when others seem to have it easy? We start to beat ourselves down. This reaction can create a downward spiral, it triggers our nervous system and we become less creative.

When in fact, it is just the way life is. Real life is unpredictable. Feeling off balance or uncertain at times is part of life. The struggle starts when we don’t want to accept what is real and work from that place. Deepak Chopra writes that ‘if you want to be in the flow you cannot struggle against it at the same time.’ This was a big ‘aha’ moment for me as I always thought that I’m only in the flow of life if things are running smoothly in my life. Now I realise that the waves that crash on me and the times when I feel that I’m gasping for air are part of what it is when learning how to surf. When I’m stumbling it does not mean I’m not in the flow of life. However, the way I respond to the uncertainty or unpredictable things that happen in my life influence how I experience life.

I’m not saying that from now you can just sit back and don’t make any plans. Structure and order is also part of life but it is not all that life consists of. Observe how you are trying to control your life and how open you are for other possibilities. Next time when something unpredictable happens, acknowledge that life is uncontrollable, surrender to it, trust that things tend to work out (even if it is not according to your plan), celebrate the situation you are in and be open to what comes to you. Ride the wave!

Learning: The flow of life is like surfing; there are times when you surf the wave and then there are times when you need to paddle to get to the next wave.

Healing question: How can I ride the wave of life with more ease?

Are your fears or dreams driving your behaviour?


Who is sitting in your driving seat? I recently realised that my fears are sitting in the driver seat of my life and not my beliefs/dreams. I thought I was allowing my dreams to drive my behaviour but after some deep introspection I realised that I was fooling myself. I made a conscious decision to start shifting my behaviour. To allow my positive beliefs to fast track me to my dreams, instead of allowing my fears to keep me in first gear. The truth is that if we live from a perspective of fear we live smaller, close down our creativity and are not as open to the flow of life.

The activity I did to get to this insight was that of writing down what I’m afraid of, without judging or filtering. Once I felt that all my fears were written on the piece of paper, I started a new page with what I believe in and dream of. I would like to share some of my fears and beliefs with you. I do believe that we are more alike than we tend to think. My hope is that in sharing my vulnerability with you, you may reflect on your own behaviour. That we can all shift from first gear to fifth.

I am afraid of…

  • Not having enough money and not being able to look after myself.
  • Not living fully, playing it safe and not taking enough risks.
  • Always saying that I will publish my book but never doing it.
  • Allowing my thinking to hold me back and not changing my bad habits.
  • Not bringing my true self to life and unlocking my potential.
  • Not loving (others and myself) enough.
  • Wasting time on things that don’t really matter.
  • Not being good enough, beautiful enough, and clever enough.
  • Not making my business a success.
  • Not listening to the wisdom of my body.
  • Settling for second best and missing opportunities
  • Saying no and disappointing others.

I believe …

  • I am enough (good enough, beautiful enough and clever enough).
  • The world gives me what I need and I’m now exactly where I need to be.
  • God loves me and has a purpose with my life.
  • If I keep myself open opportunities will come to me.
  • In eating wholesome and nourishing food than depriving me to be ‘thin’.
  • Accepting all of me, and that non-acceptance causes suffering.
  • In loving relationships and that it builds bridges.
  • In beauty and the magic it brings in my life.
  • In creativity and how it opens possibilities.
  • In living my life from a soulful place, connecting deep with deep.
  • In my body and that it holds all the wisdom I need.
  • In the joy of being alive, that I can enjoy and trust life.

Learning: Live from the trust that you can create the life you dream of.

Healing question: How will you live differently if your dreams, instead of your fears, drive your behaviour?

Dancing with your money demons


My relationship to money has always been a complex one. The past few months I’ve started to work on changing my relationship with money. It takes time and is not an easy process. I realised you can’t change your relationship with money without changing your beliefs about money. In order to change your limiting beliefs about money you need to be prepared to dig deep and do the inner work. You have to start facing your demons, your fears about money.

I would like to share with you what I’ve learned so far on the journey:

Barbara Stanny shared in an interview, Sacred Success, with Chantel Pierrad that there are three types of work when it comes to your finance:

  1. Outer work – This work is about meeting with a financial advisor and drawing up a financial plan, putting the necessary insurance or risk cover in place, etc. that will fit your needs and support your goals.
  2. Inner work – Reflecting and reviewing your attitudes / beliefs about money as well as the decisions you make about money.
  3. Higher work – We are all on earth for a purpose. Money is a great tool to assist you in making the change. When you make more money it can assist you in creating bigger change. Reflect on how money can support your vision and calling.

Unpacking my finances from the three different levels opened new ways for me to think about money.

During my ‘outer work’ journey I had a very interesting conversation with my financial advisor. He asked me whether I wanted to retire or if I wanted to be financially independent? Wow! That question made me face a limiting belief I had about money. I realised that my view of looking and thinking about investment and retirement are very narrow. I learned that ‘the concept of “financial independence” should not be connected to retirement.’ Talking with him and reading his article about paving the way to financial independence made me realise that I needed to make a mind-shift about money and investment. I also became aware of the importance of having a person you trust to support you with that mind-shift.

My ‘inner work’ quest led me to another pod cast of Chantel Pierrad from Emerging Women. This time she talked with Nancy Levin about how to boost your self worth to grow your net worth. What stood out for me was that money issues are directly related to self-worth. That we need to stop putting our worthiness in the hands of others or measure it by the amount of money we have. Self-worth start inwards. It starts with self-love. To grow your self-worth you need to start doing what you are scared to do and face your demons.

Learning: When you start to face your demons, that what you fear, it can no longer control you. You experience more energy, you stop giving away your power and you start to grow more into your true self (your calling).

 Healing question: How are you trying to prove your worth?

25 Lessons Life taught me


The past year (2016) I reviewed and looked back on my life. The purpose of the process was to set free, heal and gratefully capture the lessons that life had taught me thus far. In order to, simplify and clear the way to move forward in a more authentic and present state.

Below is a list of the 25 lessons and healing questions I’ve learned from life: (If one of them draws your attention you can click on it to read more about the specific learning.)

  1. We all experience the same event differently based on our role in the situation and our expectations of it.

How can I simplify my life and business by releasing unnecessary expectations?

  1. Moments of transition can be traumatic AND meaningful.

What area of my life or business needs to transition into the light so that it can grow?

  1. By avoiding certain emotions I’m not allowing myself / my company to blossom.

How can I allow myself to feel the different emotions that accompany life and/or the start of a new business?

  1. By loving and trusting others and myself I create a safe space to be vulnerable.

How can I give myself (and others) the necessary love and trust in order to feel safe?

  1. When I become curious about life, new learnings open up.

What will I learn about my work or life if I become ‘passionately curious’ about it?

  1. Life is one big learning curve.

How can I bring laughter and lightness into this moment?

  1. My brain needs play time to recharge.

How can I play more?

  1. It is just a sandwich don’t let it define who you are. You are so much more than a sandwich.

How do I allow the sandwiches of life to define me?

  1. We make the best choice we can given the circumstances and information available to us at that stage.

How can I be kinder and let go of the regret for the decisions I made in the past?

  1. Genuine friendships are the jewellery of life – it endures the tests of time but needs to be treasured and worn close to the heart.

How did I treasure my friendships today?

  1. Be grateful for everything.

How can I be and feel more grateful for the struggles in my life?

  1. Being part of a team gives one a sense of belonging.

How can the way I interact with others translate into meaningful, real-life connections?

  1. Surprising events (pleasant or unpleasant) awaken us and allow room for something new to happen.

How am I standing in my own way?

  1. Make time to mourn what is lost and grow in the ambiguity of life.

How can I learn to live with the ambiguity and questions of life?

  1. I’m already a swan as I am now.

How can I love and accept all of me as I am now?

  1. Real feedback allows me to break up and open to love and growth.

How can I allow real feedback to transform me?

  1. Dark moments can turn into soulful moments if we open ourselves for growth.

How can I stay with the uncomfortable unknowing a little longer?

  1. Focus on the space and allow it to open up space within you.

How can I start to see space as just as important part of the bigger picture and not as an area that still needs to be filled?

  1. You can decide if financial stress is going to rob you of you.

How can I not allow my financial stress to overwhelm me in a way that I can’t be present to myself and those I love?

  1. When I’m genuinely committed to me. I’m also genuinely committed to you. My commitment to my vision is imbedded in my deep desire to serve others.

How committed am I to me and my vision?

  1. The space between the cup (current reality) and the quart (my vision) creates emotional tension as well as creative tension. When you use the tension wisely it can be a source of energy.

How can I discover my way between the cup and the quart?

  1. We cannot reach our goals on our own. We need support from people who care about us and share in our vision. We also need a professional network to derive new business from.

How am I tapping into and building my  network?

  1. I commit to live myself in an authentic way of being.

How committed am I to truly live (in line with my truth)?

  1. The space of sufficiency creates space for possibilities to open up.

How are my behaviour shaping a culture that does not determine our value by what we have but the life we live (wherein I believe that who I am is enough)?

  1. We develop skills not to escape life but to learn how to engage with life.

How can I embody the skills I learn in order to connect in a more meaningful way with others and life?

10 Reasons for coaching


Last week I was filled with deep gratitude when I completed my Professional Coach Training and certified as an Integral Coach. It has been an amazing two-year journey of learning and re-discovering. Looking back I know that it was the best investment I could have made in/for myself. I was reminded again (as I often am with coaching clients) of the value of making time for personal development.

The past week I reflected on the following question:

Why do we enrol in personal development workshops or coaching processes?

One of the main reasons is to learn new skills. So, why do we need more skills?

Below is a list of ten reasons that came to mind.

We develop new skills to build our capacity to:

  • stay in the discomfort instead of running away from it.
  • meet the challenges that life gives us and turn it into opportunities for growth.
  • have the courage to step into the uncertainty even though we are afraid.
  • lean more into who we are and have been all along.
  • trust and love ourselves more.
  • change in order for new possibilities to unfold.
  • serve others in a compassionate way
  • deepen our relationships with others (at home and at work).
  • connect in a meaningful way with life.
  • not escape life but to learn how to engage with life.

Learning: We develop skills not to escape life but to learn how to engage with life.

Healing question: How can I embody the skills I learn in order to connect in a more meaningful way with others and life?