How are you standing in your way?


Six weeks ago during a coach training session, the facilitator asked me: ‘How are you standing in your own way?’ I could not answer the question. I remember thinking ‘I’m not standing in my way. How can you even think that? I started my own business that is huge for me. It’s a big leap. What do you mean? Me, standing in my own way, never….’ Maybe you are also thinking the same whilst reading this blog.

The question stayed with me and kept on surfacing in my conscious. I knew that it was an important question but I could not find the answer. No matter how hard I tried to look for it. Until a few days ago something unexpected happened that challenged my way of being. It also challenged the way I was doing business.

It felt as if I was walking down the street with a tunnel vision, caught up in my own thinking, and suddenly walk straight into a lamppost that was standing right in front of me. The unpleasant event forced me to look up and see the big world outside of me. It opened my eyes to see the space for something genuinely new to begin.

Reflecting back I realise that the surprising event allowed me to see that I was walking straight into my personal blind spot. It was a deeper fear that was limiting my view. Instead of looking where I’m going I was wrapped up in holding onto an event in the past. In doing that I was limiting my vision of the future for my business and myself. No wonder I could not answer the question. I was standing in my blind spot…

Learning: Surprising events (pleasant or unpleasant) awaken us and allow room for something new to happen.

 Healing question: How am I standing in my own way?

3 thoughts on “How are you standing in your way?

  1. Clearly past events, circumstances and decisions holds the potential to be more debilitating than we might realize… The question however remains, will we let it..?


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