Be grateful for everything


When we start to become grateful to everyone and everything, we begin to make peace with people we dislike and aspects of ourselves that we rejected. We begin to view things differently. We start to view difficult situations as opportunities for growth. In her book ‘Start where you are: A guide to compassionate living’, Pema Chördön writes that once you practise to be grateful you realise that the people you dislike the most are actually your teachers. They mirror hidden aspects of ourselves and give us an opportunity to befriend ourselves.

As I was reflecting on the period in my life when I was about nine and ten years of age, I realised that there were some events that happened that I disliked. I sat with it for a while. If I really wanted to I could dwell in the negative but I chose to look at it through the eyes of gratitude. Once I did that the learning from that event became clearer. Now I can look back at the event and feel grateful for it.

It inspired me to write a gratitude meditation that I would like to share with you:

Gratitude meditation

I am grateful for the learnings that accompanied my birth and life thus far.

I am grateful for my imperfections, as they teach me acceptance.

I am grateful for the wisdom of my body and the vessel that it is for my soul.


I am grateful for the variety of people with me on the journey.

I am grateful for the softness of touch.

I am grateful for moments of beauty and joy.


I am grateful to be in this world of complexity and simplicity.

I am grateful to be here with the confusion and clarity.

I am grateful to be aware that I do not know.


I am grateful that my pain is never more than I can bear.

I am grateful that love can endure suffering.

I am grateful that I can trust the process.


May I learn my lessons with ease.

May I open myself to love with all my heart even if it makes me vulnerable.

May I express my gratitude towards others.


Learning: Be grateful for everything

 Healing question: How can I be and feel more grateful for the struggles in my life?

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