What is courage?


Courage is…choosing to

…become aware of your fears and still move forward even if it frightens you.

…take time, breathe, create a clearer state of mind and then speak up with integrity.

…say no with respect and dignity.

…stop fighting the way things are and realise you don’t need to solve every problem.

…let go of the things you cling on to.

Courage is…accepting

…wins and losses with compassion.

…that you made a mistake and apologise for it.

…an apology from someone that hurt you and work on rebuilding the relationship.

…that your point of view is not the only truth.

…that all you have control over is this moment, right now, and to make that count.

Courage is…allowing you to

…explore the beliefs that hold you back and limit you.

…feel your feelings without judging them as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

…listen to your true (inner) self.

…be kind to others and yourself.

…be vulnerable and ask for support.

Courage is a choice you make to take action and accept the outcome.

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